Robotic Process Automation

Case Study

Robotic Process Automation

A business process automation solution developed by Aegasis Labs to help a leading furniture manufacturer in UK automate their existing manual processes including Sales Order Acceptance, Stock Report Distribution and storage and retrieval of paper based documents. The system helped them eliminate manual repetitive tasks, reduce costs and increase sales. 

  • 24/7 support for order placement
  • Realtime updates on stock
    availability resulted in increased
  • Complete elimination of manual repetitive and time consuming sales work


A leading furniture manufacturer in the UK supplies furniture to both brick and mortar stores and online retailers. Their sales process was manual and they were looking to digitise and automate their sales process. A solution that could integrate with their existing IT infrastructure. The order acceptance, stock report distribution processes were performed  manually and this resulted in a lot of time being consumed on repetitive and time consuming tasks. Because of manual report generation, stock availability was often quoted incorrectly which resulted in lost revenue and impacted the profitability of the business.




To help address these challenges, we built a business process automation solution that automated all the manual order acceptance, stock report distribution and storage/retrieval of documents.  


Our team kickstarted the engagement by requirements and problem analysis. We thoroughly understood how these processes were done manually and what the client needed in an automated solution. After the exploratory analysis and requirement gathering phase, we designed the solution with different integration components that would allow it to be used through a web application and integrate with the existing IT infrastructure. 


Our team ran the design with the client for their feedback. Once this was approved, we started building the solution. The automated solution had 3 major components


        1)   Sales Order Acceptance

        2)   Stock Report Distribution

        3)   Storage & Retrieval of documents using smart search

The solution was able to accept orders 24/7 without any manual assistance. Realtime updates on stock availability were generated and distributed. An API was built which could be used by online retailers to get realtime updates on the availability of the stock and other relevant information. All the paper based documents were digitised and stored in the cloud as part of the system. This allowed easy storage and retrieval of documents from the web portal.


Technical Bit

Our team specialises in building enterprise automation solutions using state of the art technologies. For this project we used Python, Docker, Flask for building the web portal and APIs. Elastic Search was used for smart search on document content. 

The system was deployed in the cloud AWS and was designed in a way to minimise cost without compromising the scalability and availability of the system.



Our business process automation solution helped the company

  • Cut down manual work load significantly 
  • Support order placement 24/7
  • Increase sales because of realtime stock availability updates
  • Automate report generation process which helped their decision making capability and allowed the managers to react quickly to critical situations
  • Digitise their paper based process 

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