Use Cases

Aegasis AI provides a pioneering approach to artificial intelligence, with a unique subscription model. Each of our AI solutions target an area of a business to deliver continuous growth.

Portfolio Optimization & Trading using ML

Optimize asset allocation and automate trading using Machine Learning. 

Predictive Quality for Manufacturing

Automate quality control, reduce rejection rate and find out the root cause of problems with quality.

Recommendation Systems

Increase value and engagement for customers using Intelligence recommendations.

Demand Forecasting

Know what services and products your customers want and when they want them

Price Optimization

Maintain the right balance between customer value and profitability

Inventory Optimization

Free up capital by slimming down on stock. Have what you need at the right time and at the right quantity

Identity Verification using AI

Verify customers for your product or services faster and cheaper using modern AI technology

Customer Segmentation

Group customers together based on similar features and behaviour and learn about them

Predictive Maintainence

Reduce asset downtime and costs on unschedules maintenance by predict when assets will fail

Bidding and Advertising with AI

Optimize Ad delivery and bidding with intelligent AI software. Achieve higher conversion rates faster

Dialogue Management System

Increase business efficiency with Intelligent chatbots for customer support and customer service

Looking for something else?

Where in your business would you like to extract value from data using AI and ML?