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Attention B2B Service Providers:

2-3x Your Qualified Sales Calls With A “Done For You” Landing Page & VSL In 31 Days – Or You Don’t Pay

Next Level Landing Pages

If You Could...

  • TRIPLE your booked sales calls
  • With HALF the amount of outreach
  • And get only QUALIFIED prospects on the phone
How Much Time, Money and Frustration Would You Save Yourself?

Your Calendly Link Is NOT Enough.

If You Are Selling Online
You NEED A Landing Page
Here’s Why:

The “Make Or Break” Nature of The Landing Page

Your landing page is the pinnacle of your online presence.

No matter where you generate leads, they always end up here.
And this is right where you want them!

Marketers have known for 100 years that long form copy is the most effective tool in making sales.

And it’s obvious why – your prospect just simply does NOT have enough information to move forward – any other way.

This is your chance to take them by the hand – and lead them right to the end of your funnel.

Don't Waste It!

see my work:

Most Landing Pages Suck.

Here's Why:

Pretty designs are great,
but your page is not an art project.
A good landing page is a

Digital Sales Letter for your service.

The Proven 9-Step System Of A Next Level Landing Page

  • 1- Offer (Dialed-In with a Promise and Guarantee)
  • 2- VSL (A presentation of your landing page)
  • 3- Lead (Pain Points and Future Pacing Your Promise)
  • 4- Social Proof (Case Studies, Video/Text Testimonials, Sample Work)
  • 5- Social Proof (Case Studies, Video/Text Testimonials, Sample Work)
  • 6- Features (Show The Process - You are HERE!)
  • 7- Numbers Breakdown (ROI Calculations)
  • 8- About Me (Build Authority, More Social Proof)
You could invest 100s or 1000s of hours of blood, sweat and tears into learning this craft.
Or you could hand me the shovel – and:

Let Me Deliver It To You On A Silver Platter

Why Work With Me ?

You could pay a freelancer or agency at least $500 just for:

  • Web Design
  • Hosting / DNS
  • Analytics

And you still wouldn't get the results you need...

Jake Sea

I am a copywriter and web designer who specializes in creating landing pages and video sales letters.

Because what you really need is high-converting copy.

(And a writer who will test & revise it.)
How much does that cost?
Agencies will charge you upwards of $3500 with no guarantee.
And plenty of business owners WILL fork out $4000+ for a high-converting landing page, because it’s just THAT valuable.
But I will do you better….

A COMPLETELY Done-For-You Landing Page & VSL


Landing Page & VSL Copy (With Revisions)
Design, Analytics, Hosting & DNS Setup

For a fraction of the cost an agency would charge.And you only pay based on booked calls.
Meaning, if I don’t get you results, you don’t pay.

PS: My Dialed-In Onboarding Process Will Take Only 1 Hour Of Your Time

But This Is Not For You If:

  • You are not doing outreach
  • You are not getting traffic
  • You do not have a working offer

Here’s How It Works:

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with me.
We will do a deep dive into the mechanisms of your offer and lead-gen system.If I believe I can help you (and only if I believe I can help you)We can move on to the next stage:

The Deep Profile (<1 Hour)

You will receive a profile template.
I will work with you to complete this profile in-depth.
Getting all of the info I need in under 1 Hour.
Together we will identify exactly your:

  • Client Avatar
  • Mechanism of Offer
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Proof of Concept


  • Your completed product will be delivered within 5 days.
  • You will give feedback, which I will take into account to craft a landing page that proudly represents your brand voice.
  • Over 1 month, the copy will be tested and tweaked to optimal performance.
  • And at the end:

You Own Everything

And we can stay in touch, so that I can make any changes you need, free of charge.

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