Can I learn ML myself?

Applying Machine Learning to trading is a vast and complicated topis that takes the time to master. But if you’re interested, as a starting point we recommend:

Once you’re familiar with these materials, there is alo a popular Udacity course on hot to apply the basis of Machine Learning to market trading.

If you want to speed the learning process up, you can hire a consultant. Do make sure to ask tough questions before starting a project.

Or, you can schedule a short call with us to explore what can be done.

I need more specific examples applicable in my industry.

This paper describes how Deep Neural Networks (DNN) were used to predict 43 different Commodity and FX future mid-prices.

Another experiment describes trading on Istanbul Stock Exchange with NN and Support Vector Machine (SVM).

Interestingly enough, this paper presents how genetic algorithms support vector machine (GASVM) was used to predict market movements.


By incorporating Machine Learning into your trading strategies, your portfolio can capture more alpha. But implementing a successful ML investment strategy is difficult– you will need extraordinary, talented people with experience in trading and data science to get you there. Let us help get you started.