Listling Without Commentary: Things Girls Stated About Lesbianism Inside The 1976 Hite Report on Female Sex | Autostraddle

In 1976, Shere Hite published
The Hite Report
, a monumental and innovative research of feminine sex. Over 3,000 ladies amongst the years of 14 and 78 took part, discussing their own romantic feelings about gender. The ebook exposed numerous eyeballs and enlightened lots of in regards to the nature of female sexual climaxes and genital stimulation.

8per cent of respondents stated they desired intercourse with ladies, and yet another 9% ID’ed as bisexual or reported having sexual experiences with both women and men. Hite noted that “one quite stunning factors about the responses was given to another forms had been exactly how frequently,

even though it wasn’t especially asked,

females brought up the fact that they could be enthusiastic about having intimate connections with another woman.”

Here outlines are excerpts from testimonies distributed by the analysis’s participants, as cited during the part of the Hite Report entitled


Excerpts From ladies Testimonials regarding 1976 Hite Report As Quoted inside area entitled “LESBIANISM”:


“i’ve been brought up to think ladies are more attractive and a lot more breathtaking I am also beginning to believe it.”


“I’ve slept approximately twenty males plus one girl. I discovered the girl better.”


“Sex with a woman in my situation has involved pushing mound of Venus against mound of Venus on each other peoples knee.”


“I’d love to massage a woman we liked and was actually activated to, after which slowly arouse the woman sexually through massage immediately after which gradually have sex to the girl immediately after which prevent and chat, then have sex once more, then rest collectively. But I’d never have the nerve!”


“No lady features ever asked me personally ‘

Didja come?’

They knew.”


. “if we made really love in my own moms and dads’ bed in candlelight and discovered our fascination with one another as intimate women. In addition as we made really love all night long in great passion and happened to be smooth and ridiculous and cozy, and great really love was constructed that night. The difference with guys will it be is much shorter.”


“i believe i’m a lesbian, that is not very helpful since I’m hitched.”


“should you decide dig another woman, let her know — she would probably have the same. Whether it freaks this lady down, speak with her about it — she has to take it easy.”


. “I want a woman enthusiast — or more. We generally wish


relationships with women; i do want to do-all the things only


should perform! I want to check out!!!”


. “i believe females usually have sex by speaking a specific way, no less than I do.”


“Some times In my opinion I could get right from deep throat kissing to clitoral stimulation to possess orgasm. It all depends to my state of “readiness.” I love and also to have my personal lover reach me personally very gently, together with her tongue and fingers, all-over my own body, specially my personal rear and lower abdomen. There isn’t any one ‘best’ method of clitoral stimulation — whenever she makes use of the lady lips it’s really no distinct from her fingers. Often I like her throat initially and then her little finger, while the other times, simply her mouth. Either the woman language lightly flicking my personal clitoris, or her mouth area sucking me personally tough, or the woman digit going correct above my personal clitoris in tremendously quick along activity, frequently tends to make me orgasm. Often she pushes her lips hard against myself and shakes her mind rapidly back and forth — we orgasm because of this in addition. Something — I guess it’s easier for me personally if we start lovemaking with our garments


and never have significantly more than a moment’s disruption for removal of clothes. Usually I have slightly self-conscious.”


“Once we had been hugging and kissing and just starting to make love and all of a rapid she states, ‘just what part of the world do armadillos live-in?'”


“it’s great merely to be with women. I possibly could n’t have written that 5 years back. We hated ladies, thought brilliance ended up being male and I also looked like a reasonably effective imitation of a Barbie doll. With the exception that I held rejecting Kens.”


“Liz, my roomie, and I also have often made love when one of united states has actually psychological issues.”


“At seven, I used to be highly turned on fantasizing kissing a specific gf. By about twelve, I found myself fantasizing necking with both sexes. By about fourteen, i desired to fuck; or, more strange and exciting and forbidden, perform whatever it was the lesbians did! Today i really do. And it’s fantastic.”


“I am presently thinking about lesbianism as an option to abstinence, and also to males as a whole, as they are not to liberated intimately or emotionally or in any kind of method, and I dislike it any further!”


“Sex with a lady consists of: pressing, kissing, cheerful, looking serious, welcoming, chatting, digital sexual intercourse, kissing, looking, cunnilingus, getting undressed, remembering later on, producing sounds, sometimes gently biting, sometimes whining, and inhaling and singing collectively.”


“I’ve however to meet a lesbian who utilizes a dildo. I do believe that’s one great huge male porno excursion.”


“Lesbianism in my own view is a far-out option to constantly being underneath some guy being a child equipment.”


. “i really believe that this holds true for numerous an incredible number of spouses, despite all states climax, that they don’t understand what orgasm is… I became taken by surprise in a lesbian commitment [when] I practiced actual, buffola utter eclipse orgasm the very first time. Wow.”


“as soon as my heart had a climax when she was actually hugging myself and looking at me and saying just how she liked myself. Hers did as well.”

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