Our Artificial Intelligence System

Our AI System is a comprehensive set of software tools that helps companies solve critical business challenges and accelerate the design, building and deployment of Machine learning and AI solutions. 

Our AI system allows building and deploying state-of-the-art Machine Learning solutions faster and cheaper with enterprise scalability and robust security. The system is customizable and can tailor to different businesses and use cases. 


Machine Learning

Build distributed applications that learn, adapt and respond using Reinforcement Learning and Machine Learning based system. 

Our AI platform helps businesses simplify data-driven decision making with flexible system that learn and responds to customers, equipment and environment. The platform simplifies the process of building, deploying and monitoring machine learning applications.  


Training, Building and deploying deep learning and computer vision applications is easier and faster than before with out AI platform. 

The Vision component of our AI platform helps us transform the business with the visual data collected by the organisation. Simple and easy to user interface provides you with the ability to easily maintain and deploy models with continuous feedback loops, tuning and validation.



Enable smarter decision making across the organization by predicting the future with state-of-the-art forecasting. 

We integrate deep learning with traditional forecasting models to allow safer decision making with confidence intervals. The predictions from the system can be fed into a dashboard, data warehouse or exposed via our real-time APIs.


Key Features


Different businesses have different challenges. Our AI platform can be tailored to different use cases and can integrate with your system.


Our Machine Learning models and solutions can scale for different organization challenges with robust infrastructure and tooling. 

Automated Decision Making

Leverage state-of-the-art AI to make decisions in real time and learn from responses. 

Complete Toolkit

Our complete framework provides tools for model versioning, API deployment, scaling and distribution.

Enterprise Grade Security

Our AI System has been designed with security at its core, engineered to protect your data. It’s secured using best practices, and is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has an exemplary security record and certifications. 


The AI System is fully cloud-based, with the ability to host data in any region worldwide via Amazon Web Services.

How it works...

The Aegasis AI System uses our streaming APIs to collect encrypted data from different sources at lightning speed. Whether it’s cloud systems, legacy databases, web data, social media or even IoT data. Our System can handle it all.

We bring all your data structured and unstructured from all these different sources and form a single unified dataset which can be used by our Machine Learning system.

Our AI System provides access to a library of out of the box AI solutions, which can be rapidly deployed to the newly-unified dataset. It simplifies the process of applying complex algorithms to unified data, uncovering patterns and predicting future trends and activities using AI and machine learning.

Our orchestration component enables customers and users to trigger complex ML and AI workflows at the push of a button, as well as orchestrating the AI System’s interaction with external systems.

The output component presents all data via an API, so our customers can stream data into their other existing business systems and applications. This also enables direct connection for data visualisations and dashboard products.

Benefits of the AI System

Instant Results

Our AI system deals with huge volumes of data at lightning fast speed and enables solutions to be deployed instantly without causing disruptions to your day to day business.

Endless Possibilities

Aegasis AI is built for scale and outputs are fed back into your business systems, allowing you to drive automation and decision making across multiple different functions.

Continuous Evolution

Our AI system is powered by machine learning algorithms that continuously learn and get smarter over time, unbiased and error-free.

Subscription based commercial model

Our AI platform removes the financial barriers to entry and offers flexible subscription tiers for different business needs. Our unique System + Service approach guarantees results.

AI is your future

Data is the most valuable asset that any business posses. Leveraging that asset is extremely difficult for businesses. Businesses often don’t realise the potential and value of this asset but we do. We help businesses leverage their data by putting Artificial Intelligence at the core of what they do. Putting AI at the centre of your business not only helps your business grow but gives you a significant competitive advantage to differentiate from your competition and stay ahead.

Bringing AI into your business does not have to be complex. Our unique approach makes it easy for businesses to adopt AI technology and benefit from it’s speed, accuracy and capacity.

As the world’s most perceptive business recognise the critical importance of becoming AI-driven, the need for a new type of system has emerged: an Artificial Intelligence System.